MVP Speaks on Being Fired from TNA, Whether He Would Return to WWE, more

Thanks to reader and WSVN-TV reporter Chris Van Vliet for sending this in:

I wanted to let you know about an interview I did with MVP
this weekend after his match at Brain Buster Pro Wrestling in Pompano Beach, FL.

We covered a number of different topics including him going into detail about why he
was fired from TNA and his thoughts of their bad management, what his gimmick in
Lucha Underground was supposed to be, whether he would want to return to WWE and
much more.

The highlights are below and you can watch the entire interview below as well:

The biggest difference between working in WWE and working in TNA:

“I guess the biggest difference, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, is the
difference between Coca Cola and RC Cola. One is a conglomerate and the other is a
niche audience. There are TNA fans who are passionate TNA fans, but WWE’s brand
saturation is unmatchable… but if there’s a nuclear holocaust tomorrow, the only
thing that is going to survive is rats, roaches, Sabu, Sandman and TNA. TNA somehow
will survive, they’ll still be around.”

Why he got fired from TNA:

“I’ll tell you exactly what happened to me. An executive there made a bad decision.
He screwed up and fired me for his mistake. I’ve always said that I don’t have any
animosity towards TNA; the production crew, the locker room, everybody was great.
You just have some really poor management. People in positions that didn’t know what
they were doing.”

How much he loves Independent Wrestling:

“I don’t necessarily want to sign a contract anywhere anymore. I’m a father now and
I have a 2-year old boy. I only work on the weekends, I make my own schedule and I
get to spend time with him.”

On what his gimmick in Lucha Underground was going to be:

“I was going to be somebody completely different. With a mask and everything. I’m
sure the smarter people would have known it was me but at the time I was training to
do a whole different moveset. I was going to change my whole style. I was really
investing in the character because it was a challenge. For the first time I’m going
to be back in the ring but not as MVP but as a different character.”

On a possible WWE return:

“I don’t have any disparaging words about WWE. As an ex-convict, when society
wouldn’t give me a minimum wage job, Vince McMahon gave me an opportunity to become
a household name. And I made more money than both of my parents combined in their
lifetimes. I can do what I do now because of the opportunity that Vince gave me and
then when I wanted to leave he said ‘cool. come back when you’re ready.’ I have
nothing but respect for Vince and WWE but it’s kind of like that really hot
girlfriend that you used to date and everyone was into. When she’s on your arm
everybody is like ‘woah! He’s with her!’ but she farts in her sleep too. She has her
flaws. Everybody else doesn’t know that and when you go your separate ways there is
no animosity, no hard feelings. It was a good time, we had our thing but we’ve moved

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