Chael Sonnen Goes Off On Vader, Calls Him A "Crook" & "Thief"

Former UFC title contender turned ESPN analyst and recent Bellator MMA signee Chael Sonnen went on a tirade against Leon “Vader” White (aka Big Van Vader) after the former WWE Superstar no-showed his scheduled appearance on Sonnen’s weekly “You’re Welcome!” show at

“This is the biggest podcast in MMA, and at the end of the day, that’s just Vader. This is an opportunity for Vader and this is not going to end well, should he not call in.”

He went on to leave a voicemail to Vader live on the air. That message went as follows:

“Hey dumb-dumb, it’s Chael, down here waiting for ya, have a feeling we’ll be waiting awhile.”

Eventually, Sonnen decided to unveil details regarding a deal the two had made. According to Sonnen, he fulfilled his end, however he suspected Vader would not from the beginning. He went on to call the former WWE Superstar a “crook” a “thief” and a “scumbag.”

“Man this guy is a carny, flake, he was writing me like he was drunk, illiterate, or dumb, or just getting ready to set me up, right from the jump.”

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