DJ Zema Ion On TNA's Future, Working With RVD, Winning X-Title & More

DJ Zema Ion recently took part in an “The The Room” interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On getting signed by TNA:

“I don’t know how they contacted me. I was sitting there with my girlfriend and my phone rang and it was TNA calling me for a tryout. All of a sudden they called me and when they called I was ready. I’ve been talking this big game that i deserve a contract. Well now I got a tryout so lets see if i’m really as good as I think I am… Than I got my contract.”

On winning the X Division Title:

“It was one of the most nerve racking experiences of my life. We prepared the match a certain way. Than 2 minutes into the match Sonjay dislocates his shoulder and is taken out of the match. So think about that were live on PPV and everything we thought about before the match out the window. Because Sonjay is taken physically out of the match. What you saw at Destination X 2012 the night I won the X Division title was three guys do an ultimate X match on the fly. Sonjay also re disclocates his shoulder at the end of the match falling off the X, Dislocates his shoulder pops it back into place and re dislocates it again had to be one my proudest matches after pulling that off.”

On working with Rob Van Dam:

“Rob Van Dam hands down. I think I learned more from Rob Van Dam than anybody I learnt from in Wrestling. He was really instrumental in me understanding a lot more about pro wrestling.”

On TNA and it’s future:

“I think there is a lot of potential with TNA in the future. I think that wrestling fans just need to give it a chance. So many people dog TNA and act like its a terrible promotion, but I guarantee you a lot of these people don’t even watch the current product. They just go on the internet and form an opinion based on what they read. What your looking at is a bunch of young hungry talent that really wants this place to succeed and be a cool brand again.”

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