HHH On Reason He Cut His Ponytail, His Current Role In WWE, NXT & More

As noted, WWE COO Triple H recently appeared on 98FM out of Dublin, Ireland. In addition to putting over local Irish talents Sheamus and Becky Lynch, “The Game” also spoke about the NXT brand, creating stars in WWE, cutting his own hair and more. Below are some highlights.

On NXT going from being WWE’s developmental territory to a third touring brand and one that attracts WWE’s most die-hard fans:

“NXT has kind of become the fastest growing brand in the entire industry, and, from a WWE standpoint, it [has] gone from what was being kept at one point in time, considered our developmental brand, where we were just grooming stars for the future, to really becoming a third brand that tours globally along side of [WWE Monday Night] RAW and [WWE] SmackDown. NXT is no different. It’s a slightly different style, and I don’t mean by in-ring style, but [rather] the presentation is slightly different and it really tends to super-serve our passionate fanbase, the fanbase that kind of lives and breathes WWE and that lifestyle. And NXT on the WWE Network really captures the imagination of that group. The talent are maybe a little bit younger, a little bit more diverse, and they’re really hungry and they’re trying to sort of either make their name, or prove their point, or remake their name in some cases, and earn their spot as being at the top of the sports entertainment industry.”

On how WWE will find the next “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock:

“Those talent make themselves in the biggest way. You train them, you teach them how to do this [and] you try to give them all the tools necessary. And that’s really what we created a few years ago with the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. [It] is just the ultimate performance center, for lack of a better term, that gives them every tool that they could need to succeed in the WWE. And then, what they do with that is up to them. If they work as hard as possible and they’re dedicated and passionate [about] it and work as hard as they can, then, the sky is the limit.”

On his current role in WWE:

“I love what I do behind-the-scenes. The NXT brand, I’m very, very passionate about and it comes down to seeing what, in a lot of ways, my wife laughs and says it’s like I’m a proud papa [and] they’re all my kids or something.”

On the story behind cutting off his trademark ponytail:

“It’s in a case on Vince McMahon’s bookshelf. It’s one of those things. I had long hair for years when I was wrestling [full-time] and I loved having it. And then, I was coming into the office everyday and putting my hair in a ponytail and spending all this time doing all this stuff and wearing a suit. And I started thinking to myself, ‘why am I having this long hair?’ Now I can tell you right now that the process of getting ready in the morning without long hair is much faster and I so enjoy it.”

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