Daniel Bryan Reveals Seizures, Brain Lesion, 10+ Concussions

Daniel Bryan appeared on ESPN SportsCenter on Tuesday night and spoke with Jonathan Coachman about his retirement from professional wrestling. Bryan revealed startling new details about his condition that puts his attempts to wrestle again into an entirely different light.

Bryan’s doctors have been able to document 10 of his concussions, but he’s probably had more than that since it’s hard to document them all or even define what a concussion is.

His recent EEG brain scan revealed some [brain function] slowing and “a small subacute or chronic lesion” on the area of the brain responsible for causing seizures. In fact, he’s been suffering from post-concussion seizures that he’s been keeping quiet about for a long time. He’s glad this latest test revealed why he’s been suffering the seizures and doctors are confident he should be okay in the long time.

At the end of the day, he had an incredible career and is grateful for the ride he was fortunate enough to take. He’ll miss the people the most, but he plans to keep in touch with everybody and we have not seen the last of Daniel Bryan.

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