Tom Phillips On His Job With WWE, Working With The Rock & More

WWE announcer Tom Phillips recently spoke with Penn State News about his career. Below are some of the highlights.

On working WWE commentary: “It may sound cliché, but I watch the WWE Network constantly. It could be matches from 1991, 1970 or as recently as 2010. I just like to listen to the ways commentary has changed through the years. On commentary, we try to really bring what’s happening to life. So you have to know the product, the superstars and history. It’s not always easy. At first it was like trying to learn Chinese and having no knowledge of how to speak Chinese. The difficult thing was finding my own voice, and it feels like I’m competing with myself every week to get better.”

On his goal coming out of Penn State in 2011: “I told myself I want to be the greatest broadcasting alumnus Penn State has ever had. That’s a really tall task, but I pursue that every single day. It’s beyond important for me to represent my school and my family.”

On working with The Rock in Philadelphia earlier this year, one of his career highlights: “In classic Rock fashion, he tore me to pieces. In my head I’m thinking about all those times he’d done that to someone else. I’m just trying to stay focused.”

On his job with WWE: “My job is to bring viewers information. My job is to make sure the show goes smoothly, point out what happened last week, mention what’s coming next. That’s my job. My job is just to be the professional.”

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