John Cena Co-Producing Unscripted Reality TV Series

John Cena is branching out into producing TV shows, according to a report by Variety. Cena has agreed to a deal with Leftfield Pictures to develop an unscripted reality series. According to Cena, the concept revolves “mostly around unknown individuals from all walks of life with compelling stories to tell.”

Cena was inspired to create stories around real people because “there’s a lot more opportunity in reality to package lives the way they already are.”

Cena and Leftfield Pictures have “several ideas in the works,” according to the report. Leftfield CEO Brent Montgomery described Cena as one of the “aggressive entrepreneurs looking for creative ways to reach new markets and tell compelling, unconventional stories” they typically work with.

It was not revealed whether Cena will appear on-camera for the show.

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