Natalya Recalls Flatulence Storyline, Praises Stephanie McMahon & More

During a recent Slam! Wrestling interview to promote upcoming WWE live events in Canada, WWE Diva and Total Divas star Natalya recalled her “flatulence” storyline from 2012. Below is an excerpt from the interview where she touches on the subject.

“”It’s so great to say, ‘No matter what I’m given, I’m going to make it great.’ I’m going to pass gas, maybe I had too many protein bars that morning. I’m sorry, but as a Diva, I’m going to eat a lot of protein, and if I’m going to do that, then I’m going to look like a rockstar doing that, dressed to the nines in vintage couture and I’m going to make it gold.

I think the McMahons really embraced that. Look at Stephanie — she’s the biggest character in WWE. She’s just captivating, whether she’s getting thrown into a pool of mud with Vickie Guerrero or being arrested.”

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