Hulk Hogan Says The Time Is Right For John Cena To Turn Heel

WrestleMania XXX host Hulk Hogan spoke to this week and commented on the possibility of John Cena turning heel and questioned whether Daniel Bryan will able to be the face of WWE for years to come. Here are the highlights of what he said about:

John Cena Turning Heel: “He’s at the perfect time to pull a ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan on everybody. If he was to switch and take that hustle, loyalty, and respect and tell everybody how he was running game on everybody the whole time, he’d have another ten years wide open without even looking back,. So maybe in five years, it’s John Cena running the game on everybody.”

Questioning Daniel Bryan’s Longevity: “When I look around the roster, Daniel Bryan is on one hell of a roll right now, but he gets beat to death every night he goes out there. The big guys just go out and stomp on him. Can he handle that for five more years? I don’t know. It’s anybody’s game at this point.”

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