More Details On The Ultimate Warrior's Final Days

More details are coming in regarding the final days of the Ultimate Warrior.

WWE had a camera crew following Warrior and his family around during the entire weekend. The footage was shot for a future project looking at Warrior’s return to the WWE Universe.

Warrior and his family did not stay at the Roosevelt Hotel with the rest of the WWE talent. The company rented a house locally for Warrior and his family and had a car service shuttle them to and from the Hall of Fame ceremony, WrestleMania and RAW.

According to sources who were backstage at the Hall of Fame ceremony, Warrior was very friendly when approached, but also quiet and somewhat reserved. Several people commented on Warrior sweating a lot and appearing physically frail, despite his muscular stature. reports that an eye witness saw Warrior clutching his chest moments before he collapsed at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Warrior suffered a “catastrophic medical event” and so far, there is no evidence of drugs or alcohol playing a factor in his death. An investigation is underway and the Maricopa County Medical Examiner will be conducting an autopsy on Thursday.

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