Video: Dana White Talks About CM Punk MMA Rumors

UFC President Dana White spoke to FOX Sports 1 this week and commented on the rumors of CM Punk transitioning from WWE to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Around the 5:30 mark, White is asked if CM Punk has asked him about joining the UFC. He says he and Punk have spent “plenty of time together” over the past couple months and the two were together “all night” at last weekend’s UFC 169 live event from Punk’s home town of Chicago.

Never once has Punk said to him that he wants to fight. The interviewer said, “oh, come on” and Dana White said, “I swear” – joking that he’s got the biggest mouth in the business and would have no problem telling her if he knew anything about Punk wanting to fight MMA.

* BELLATOR MMA Interested In Signing CM PUNK

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