James Storm Speaks On Roderick Strong/TNA, Tag-Team Wrestling, More

TNA wrestler James Storm was recently interviewed by the Dothan Eagle newspaper in Alabama about a number of subjects, including his preference in portraying a heel character over a babyface, wanting to work with Roderick Strong or The Young Bucks in TNA, and the fall of tag-team wrestling.

When the discussion of tag-teams in pro wrestling these days came up, Storm stated, “To me, there needs to be more teams, not guys just thrown together, but guys you can relate to.”

Regarding Storm’s previous tag-team with Bobby Roode, Storm noted, “Me and Bobby were thrown together, but we made it work as a tag team. It just takes time, and with the new format of professional wrestling, it’s kind of hard to give that much time to a specific area.”

Check out the complete interview online at DothanEagle.com.

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