The Miz Talks About John Morrison Saving His Career, Daniel Bryan's Rise & More

WWE Superstar The Miz spoke to This Is Infamous this week to promote his new movie, Christmas Bounty. During the interview, The Miz spoke about

John Morrison “Saving” His WWE Career: “If Miz and Morrison never happened, I truly believe that I would have been fired within a year. I think being with Morrison really gave me the opportunity to take risks. It gave me the opportunity to really stand tall in our realm. When we created a thing called The Dirt Sheet, which… Back then, YouTube was just getting going with its popularity. WWE now has its own YouTube channel. It didn’t have its own YouTube Channel. It didn’t have those internet shows. We were the first. So we kind of became originals and we were doing those sorts of things that were going against the grain because we wanted to get noticed. I think Morrison pushed me and I pushed Morrison to really do the best that we possibly can. We brought the best out of each other, is what I thought.”

Fighting The Perception of What Makes A WWE Superstar: “You have to work hard, dedicate yourself, and don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it. Because that’s exactly what people are going to do. It’s your job to go against the grain. It’s your job to fight and claw and scratch to that top, and if people are telling you no, it’s your job to say yes. That’s why I always have these shirts that say “Haters Love Me,” and “Haters Want It,” because you’re going to get hated on by everyone and everything. Whether it’s backstage, in the WWE Universe, or even corporate. It’s your job to rise above it and figure out a way to make yourself noticed. And that’s exactly what people like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have done.”

Daniel Bryan’s Rise To The Top Of WWE: “I knew that Daniel Bryan was going to have a struggle, because he doesn’t really have that size that WWE normally looks for. I mean even me: I’m 6’1 and 220 pounds and I had to struggle and fight and claw because I wasn’t the stereotypical 6’6? and 250 pounds of pure solid ripped muscle. That’s basically the quintessential star in the WWE now. Daniel Bryan had an uphill battle, but he definitely went strong and he dedicated himself, and this guy is now the most anticipated person whenever we come to a show. He’s the person that people want to see. You’ll see them chanting “Yes,” and you’ll see them chanting “No.” It’s kind of insane how great he’s become, and it’s all after his hard work.”

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