Several TNA Stars Comment On "#August1Warning" Mystery Man

Multiple TNA Impact Wrestling stars have taken to Twitter to comment on the “#August1Warning” mystery-man angle that TNA started on their official YouTube channel on Friday.

Below are some of the tweets.

Mickie James: Who’s behind #August1Warning? Kinda Creepy! they really didn’t have 2 go thru all that 2 surprise me! #BirthdayMonth

Eric Young: I am actually worried and intrigued about tWho is behind #August1Warning?

Robbie E: Who is behind #August1Warning?

Kenny King: Who is behind #August1Warning? what the hell is this?

Mike Tenay: Who is behind #August1Warning?

Christopher Daniels: Looks like someone else other than #BadInfluence has a problem with TNA! #August1Warning

For those who missed it, TNA posted a teaser video on YouTube on Friday that featured a silhouetted man with a modulated voice issuing an official warning to TNA. The mystery man promises to reveal himself at the Thursday, August 1st edition of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, thus, “#August1Warning.”

You can check out our original “#August1Warning” story, which features the teaser video, at the following link: TNA Launches “#August1Warning” Mystery Man Angle With Teaser Video

RUMOR On Who The “#August1Warning” Mystery-Man Might Be ….

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