WWE Gaining Traction In Filtering NFL Stars Into Pro Wrestling

The long-term goal of WWE to create a filter of NFL stars to WWE is starting to gain traction with current NFL players.

NESN.com recently published an article regarding Houston Texas offensive lineman Brennan Williams reaching out to WWE’s Jim Ross, as welll as Houston-based pro wrestler Booker T, about a potential career in wrestling after his football career.

“I’ve got connections to Jim Ross and Booker T now. Those are opportunities that a lot of guys otherwise wouldn’t have,” said Williams. “Some of the more talented guys [in WWE] are little guys, but the guys they’re looking for are big strong, muscular-looking guys. There’s obviously a lot of them in football.”

While Williams isn’t looking to make such a jump until he has a “lengthy and healthy” NFL career, he noted that when his football career is over, he is “100 percent up for” trying out for WWE.

Williams noted that he would use his real name if he were to switch over to pro wrestling, and that his finisher would be the Muscle Buster.

Check out the complete article online at NESN.com.

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