More On The Miz Turning Babyface, WWE's 50th Anniversary Next Year & More

– 2013 will mark WWE’s 50th Anniversary, with a DVD set and other events planned to commemorate the milestone. Technically, the WWWF was around before 1963, but that’s the year when it was announced that Buddy Rogers had won a tournament in Rio de Janeiro to become the first Worldwide Wrestling Federation world champion.

– Michael Hayes is still the head booker of WWE’s live events. That job used to be done by WWE’s head of talent relations, but the company feels that Hayes is better suited for running the house shows than the current head of talent relations, Jane Geddes.

– There are several reasons for WWE turning The Miz to a babyface character. Aside from the fact that he’s got two movies coming out next year and would have a harder time promoting them as a heel, fans have really been getting behind him in recent months. The Miz did a great job being an annoying, self-centered jerk for most of his WWE career, but it’s also clear that he loves his job and is passionate about the business.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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