WWE Has Video Removed Of Ryback Botching "Shell Shocked" On Paul Heyman

A fan-shot video of Ryback botching his finishing maneuver, “Shell Shocked,” on Paul Heyman at Sunday’s Raw live event in Hartford, Conn., has been removed from YouTube.com due to a third-party notification by WWE claiming copyright infringement.

Though filming is prohibited at WWE live events, the sports-entertainment organization rarely has footage shot at shows removed from video-sharing websites. However, this video gained viral attention after it drew the ire of similarly-styled wrestler, Bill Goldberg, on Twitter.

As the video showed, Ryback was unable to lift Heyman for “Shell Shocked,” even as the weighty manager tried his best to assist his leverage. The muscle-bound wrestler then improvised by performing a maneuver resembling Goldberg’s world-famous “Jackhammer.”

Goldberg, who said last week that comparisons between the two don’t bother him, tweeted in response to a fan pointing him to the video, “NOW comparisons offend me.”

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion then re-tweeted a message ridiculing the burgeoning star: “Ryback is to @Goldberg as the Renegade was to @UltimateWarrior. It’s silly.”

Sunday’s event was not Ryback’s first bungling of his signature move as he was also unable to hoist Tensai not once, but twice on Raw three weeks ago. However, it was heavily speculated online that Tensai intentionally undermined Ryback by not cooperating with his attempted throws.

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