"Main Event" To Earn WWE Big Money, Sunny Shoot Interviews, Superstars

— WWE Hall of Famer Sunny revealed on Twitter that she has two new shoot interviews coming out soon with Kayfabe Commentaries and RF Video.

— WWE taped the following Superstars matches this week:

* Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty
* Epico vs. Darren Young
* Kane vs. Heath Slater
* Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara
* Camacho & Hunico vs. The Usos
* Primo & Epico vs. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil.

Because WWE taped so many matches this week (and Epico wrestled twice), it’s likely that these matches will air over the next two episodes of Superstars.

— WWE recently announced that a new weekly television show will debut on the ION network this October, WWE Main Event. There has been a lot of concern in WWE over the WWE product getting over exposed, especially with RAW expanding to 3-hours on a weekly basis starting next month. Two new hours of WWE programming each week carries risk, however WWE is poised to make millions of dollars per year in TV rights fees from the new shows.

Because the extra hour of RAW and the new WWE Main Event show will be filmed during nights when WWE already is running television tapings, the cost to produce RAW’s third hour and WWE Main Event is minimal.

Even though Ion is ranked as the 8th most popular broadcast network in the United States, millions of fans who do not have cable television will now have access to Main Event. Between that additional exposure and the TV rights fees, WWE is confident the new show will be successful.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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