The Latest From Kharma, Otunga Changes His Look For New Movie, Miz-Marine

– There are still conflicting reports as to Kharma’s status with WWE. She is still listed as “Alumni” on the WWE website and WWE’s Twitter account. Kharma re-tweeted the following message from a fan on Friday night:

“I hope @Kharma only stays in the ‪#WWEAluimi‬ until she returns and beats the crap out of barbie doll divas”

– The Miz has finished filming his scenes for the WWE Studios movie, The Marine: Homefront.

– WWE Superstar David Otunga has begin filming the WWE Studios movie The Hive, starring HAlle Berry. Otunga will likely be off television while working on the project. Otunga noted on Twitter that he’s shaved off his signature goatee for the movie and is now clean-shaven.

* Picture of DAVID OTUNGA’s Totally New Look – Clean Shaven!

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