CM Punk Responds To Report Over Being "Too Small", Madusa Clarifies WWE Check

— Madusa, who formerly appeared as Alundra Blayze for WWE, posted a photo on Facebook last week of a royalty check she recently received from her former employer. Her image post, which has since been deleted, suggested she received $305,563.46 for appearing on video releases sold between October 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. She clarified the matter on Twitter over the weekend by revealing it was indeed WWE revenue from video sales.

When asked whether the royalty check was legitimate, she stated, “yes… However that was WWE’s take of the shit I was in….:)”

— CM Punk responded to a report published here today stating concern among WWE officials that the reigning champion is “too small” to adequately face Brock Lesnar in a potential match-up. The report also acknowledged management’s concern over Punk’s appearance backstage as he often looks beaten and battered.

Punk stated Monday afternoon, “Dirt sheets can call me small, skinny, beat up, road-tired, fat, ugly, no friends etc…everyone else calls me champ. Everyone.”

The comment was then retweeted by WWE.

Video – CM Punk with his sister ->

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