Jerry Lawler Interview: Being Straight Edge, Never Getting Injured (Video)

TheScore’s Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) recently sat down with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler. During the interview, Lawler talks about never having a sip of alcohol, never smoking or doing drugs and did he ever feel pressure to do so being in an entertainment business,wrestling vs. announcing and much more. Here are some highlights of what “The King” said about:

How his illustrations gave him his break in pro wrestling:

“I sent the pictures into the TV station that aired the wrestling shows and lo and behold they showed my pictures on TV that week and they called me up for a job – you know how in a courtroom you see an artist drawing people on the stand, well I became a ringside artist for the wrestlers in the ring”

Never having a major injury, especially to his knees, despite never wearing kneepads and performing a second rope fist drop which lands him on his knees almost every match:

“I’m so fortunate do have had a great career doing something that I loved so much I would have payed promoters in the beginning to let me wrestle. Never having an injury is pure luck. We see so many young guys come in and within 6 months of their career they get some sort of career threatening injury, it can happen anytime and I’ve been fortunate to avoid those.”

Here’s the full video interview:

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(Source: Arda Orcal of TheScore)

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