WWE Vintage Collection Report (02/05/12)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: February 5th 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

This week, it’s all about WCW Superbrawl. Just like Starrcade, Bash at the Beach, The Great American Bash and Halloween Havoc, Superbrawl was one of WCW’s flagship yearly events running from 1991-2001.

Where better to start than with the opening bout from the very first Superbrawl.

Superbrawl I: May 19th 1991
(Vacant) U.S Tag Team Titles
The Fabulous Freebirds w/Big Daddy Dink vs The Young Pistols
The Steiners had vacated the titles after winning the WCW tag titles. At a time when the WWE doesn’t even have enough teams to contest one set of titles, back in 1991 there were also six man tag team champions knocking around. Anyhow, I digress. Steve Armstrong and Tracey Smothers made up the Pistols, while Michael Hayes and Jimmy Jam Garvin were their counterparts. Hayes tosses Armstrong to the floor. Armstrong thwarts a Dink sneak attack, clotheslining him, then both Freebirds as they mug for the camera. Dink trips Armstrong as he runs the ropes prompting Brad Armstrong – Steve’s older brother to run out and even the sides. The referee ejects both Brad and Dink. The Pistols give Garvin a double tackle. Garvin pulls down the top rope on Smothers. Hayes quickly shoots Smothers into Garvin, who drops him across the guardrail.

The Freebirds take over and the crowd start chanting “Badstreet.” Jim Ross tries to cover up for the fact that the Pistols aren’t over with the crowd. Smothers blocks a Hayes inverted atomic drop and ducks under a clothesline, but gets put down by a sweet left hook. Smothers recovers to leap over a crouched Hayes, take him out with a superkick and make the hot tag. All four soon find themselves in the thick of it. The Pistols misfire with stereo missile dropkicks and get dumped on the floor. As the Freebirds pose, Air Smothers surprises both with a flying clothesline, before sending both to the floor, where Armstrong lands a flying cross body. Back inside, the Pistols hit their unnamed double team finisher on Hayes – a high bearhug/twisting forearm off the ropes. They do the same to Garvin, who wipes out the referee as he goes down. A masked man in a bird suit (referred to as Fantasia, but later changed to Badstreet) runs out to give both Pistols tornado DDTs, allowing Hayes to cover one of them for the win and prove that bird is the word. In a strange twist of irony, the man behind the mask was actually Brad Armstrong, but never revealed as such. Winners: THE FABULOUS FREEBIRDS.

Superbrawl X: February 20th 2000
Billy Kidman w/Torrie Wilson vs Vampiro
These two had a mini rivalry going on, with Kidman winning the first match in the series. Vampiro delivers something resembling a suplex/brainbuster. Kidman counters a powerbomb, so Vampiro dropkicks the knee. Torrie gets on the apron for no apparent reason. To no-one’s surprise, Kidman ends up knocking his real life wife (at the time) off the apron. Kidman goes outside to tend to her. Vampiro has a chair. Torrie grabs it and Vamp decides to swing it at her, only for Kidman to dropkick it into his face. Annoying commentator Mark Madden quips “Torrie the Vampiro Slayer” with cohort Mike Tenay apathetically calling it a “prepared ad-lib.” Kidman goes to springboard back in, but Vampiro drops him. Whoops! Kidman comes back with a BK bomb, before Vampiro hits the Rocker Dropper, which the announcers just call the “Dropper.” Vampiro messes up a top rope dropkick as Madden boasts “this match will be for the World title in two years.” LMFAO!!! Kidman delivers a tope rope Frankensteiner, which was enough to win match number one, but not this time. Kidman floats over a charge, only to get caught with a powerbomb. Vampiro goes to hold on and repeat the move ala Chris Jericho, but has difficulty, so Kidman basically hoists himself back up by grabbing Vampiro’s wrists and powerbombs himself a second time. Kidman meets Vampiro on the top rope and hits a messy inverted DDT for the 1-2-3. This was simply a clusterfuck both in the ring and in the commentary box. Winner: BILLY KIDMAN.

Superbrawl IX: February 21st 1999
TV Title: Scott Steiner w/Buff Bagwell vs Diamond Dallas Page
Page was looking for a second reign as champion. We join the match in progress with the annoying Buff Bagwell now in Steiner’s corner. Steiner chokes Page, while Buff taunts him from the outside and acts like the proverbial dick in front of the camera. Steiner argues a count from a belly-to-belly, angrily confronting poor Charles Robinson, allowing Page to roll him up for two. Steiner delivers a backbreaker, as Buff provides a chair and a distraction, allowing Steiner to crack the steel across Page’s back. Buff uses cutters to cut off two turnbuckle pads. Little Naitch catches him in the act and ejects “the stuff” from ringside. Hallelujah!

Page comes from behind to clothesline Steiner to the floor. A pescado from Page finds the mark, but Steiner quickly reverses him into the ringsteps. Steiner gets in Robinson’s face again and chases him around the ring, until Page surprises the champion with a clothesline. Page goes up top, but Steiner crotches him and nails a high Frankensteiner for two. Page comes back with a desperate tornado DDT. Steiner counters a Diamond Cutter by throwing Page rib and back first into the exposed corner no fewer than five times. A powerslam leads to the Steiner Recliner and a glassy eyed Page passes out. This seemed like a glorified squash for Steiner, who brags into the camera that Page’s “wife is coming to the Papa.” Winner: SCOTT STEINER.

Superbrawl IV: February 20th 1994
Sting, Flyin’ Brian Pillman & Dustin Rhodes vs Ravishing Rick Rude, Stunning Steve Austin & Paul Orndorff
This six man tag is taking place inside the Thundercage – a steel cage surrounding the ring which curves inwards towards the top. In other words, this was the precursor to the WWF’s alternative Hell in a Cell match that would debut three years later. Sting goes clothesline crazy on Rude to start. Orndorff goes after Sting’s arm. Austin tries to feign a knee injury, but Sting doesn’t buy it and locks on the Scorpion Deathlock. Orndorff runs in, allowing Austin to get a rollup for two. We go outside and Austin gets sent into the cage twice. Pillman tags in, mimicking the old Hollywood Blondes signature filming pose as he attacks Austin. On the floor, Austin and Orndorff take turns sending Pillman into the cage, bloodying him up in the process.

After commercials, Sting has got the hot tag and has given Orndorff a taste of the steel. Rhodes comes in for the first time, busting out the Dusty offence on Orndorff, before getting sent into the middle turnbuckle. Rude blocks a Rhodes bulldog by throwing him into the corner and dropping him with a back superplex. Rude wears down Rhodes with a bearhug so that he’s ripe for a belly-to-belly suplex. Austin tags, but Rhodes dropkicks him off the apron and Austin mangles his leg in the cage. Austin sends Rhodes to the corner, but a desperation back elbow from the second rope gets Rhodes out of jail. A fired up Pillman re-enters over the ropes, attacking Austin and dropkicking the others off the apron. The match breaks down. Sting clears the ring to leave Austin all alone with him and Pillman. After elevating Austin with a backbodydrop, Sting press slams Pillman above his head and throws him on top of Austin for the pin. The brawl continues after the bell. With the cage door now unlocked, Rude slams it into Sting’s face then gives him the Rude Awakening on the floor. The match was awesome by the way. All action, a hot crowd and a great way to round off the show. Winners: STING, FLYIN’ BRIAN PILLMAN & DUSTIN RHODES.

Aside from the crap filler in the middle, this show was sandwiched by an entertaining opener and a hot Main Event.

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