CM Punk Argues With Fan At WWE Live Event, Makes Fun Of TNA (Video)

CM Punk was captured on camera engaging in an argument with a fan who jeered him at Friday’s Raw World Tour event in Amneville, France.

Following his victory over WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in the main event, Punk slapped hands of ringside area fans. One fan, however, greeted The Straight Edge Superstar with boos. An agitated Punk belittled the fan by making “crybaby” motions and calling him a “Cena fan.” When the fan said he hated John Cena, Punk wagged his finger and sniped, “I bet you watch TNA, don’t you?!”

The fan said he doesn’t, to which Punk retorted, “Your friend does!” Punk then sarcastically says of TNA “It’s good!” while displaying Cena’s trademark “O” hand gesture.

Punk’s latest swipe towards TNA Wrestling comes days after he said on Twitter that he misses working for the Orlando based wrestling promotion like he misses high school. He competed for TNA in 2003 and 2004 before quitting the league following a dispute with management over his ability to simultaneously appear for Ring of Honor.


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