Rapper Melle Mel & UWF President Hype Urban Wrestling Federation's Debut

Grammy award-winning recording artist, & hip-hop legend Melle Mel, along with the President of the Urban Wrestling Federation Steve Karel, were two of the featured guests on this week’s live edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem radio show.

Melle Mel & Steve Karel Discuss The Official Launch Of The Urban Wrestling Federation, The Idea & Concept Of The UWF, The Motivation Mel Had To Get Back into The Wrestling Business After His WWE Developmental Experience, The Forthcoming “First Blood” Pay-Per-View Taping At The Hammerstein Ballroom In New York City, The Importance Of Mixing In Established Veterans & Talents That Have Performed With Name Brands With Regional Independent Talent That Fit The Urban Culture Persona In Making The Urban Wrestling Federation What It’s “Supposed To Be,” What Can Be Brought From The World of Hip-Hop Into Professional Wrestling That Will help The UWF Become Successful, Plus “The Message” That He Wants The Urban Wrestling Federation To Send To The WWE

You can listen to an MP3 of Melle Mel & Steve Karel’s appearance by clicking here (MP3).

Here are some highlights of what they said about:

What led Steve to the idea & concept of the Urban Wrestling Federation: “I started playing this series in my mind. One day, literally, I was out at a hip-hop club hanging out & having a cocktail, and this idea came to mind. I started doing some research, went around the country, started talking to a lot of major label music guys and to the radio stations. I then took to the street, started asking people if they liked wrestling, and if I could combine the two and turn it into what I’m calling ‘Grand Theft Auto in the wrestling ring.’ That’s where it came from.”

How Mel was approached to become involved in the UWF & the motivation he had to get back into the wrestling business after his WWE developmental experience: “I’ve always been interested in wrestling, way back in the AWA days and with Gordon Solie, when wrestling used to come on a UHF channel with The Briscoes & The Valiant Brothers. At one point, I came up with the idea of trying to break into professional wrestling. I even went down to Deep South Wrestling, the wrestling school they had for the WWE, but it seemed that it was a lot of politics involved in what the WWE was doing. I always held on to the point that I was going to keep myself in shape, and get my profile & numbers up, so if that opportunity came along, I could attach myself to it and do it. As soon as I got the call about this UWF thing happening, I though it was a perfect match, especially since they mixed it hip-hop with wrestling.”

The importance of mixing in established veterans & talents that have performed with name brands with regional independent talent that fit the urban culture persona to make the UWF what it’s “supposed to be”: (Steve): “My programmers & the guys who are doing the booking said to me ‘How do I want to approach this?’ I said on the wrestler side that I wanted to give guys the same opportunity who were willing to go the extra mile, to do the extra stunt, and take it all to another level like ECW did, but in a new direction. There are some guys who came out of the name brands, but are guys who are willing to put it on the line. As far as the regional indy guys, we did open calls around the country. We did a ton of research to put together guys that would fit into the urban culture persona. No matter what their gimmick is or whatever storyline they have, it would fit into this overall theme of what the UWF is supposed to be.”

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