Raw Report 7/18/11 Green Bay – Trip Takes Over!

This post MITB raw starts with VKM out to the ring with Laurinaitis in tow. VKM in a pink jacket listening to the fans chanting for Punk. VKM says he won’t say that name. he walked out on everyone. The fans and the wrestlers. He’s an egotistical selfish turd. There’s no one person bigger than the WWE. Not Hogan, not Bret, not Rock, not Austin. No one man will be bigger than the WWE. This is a corporate juggernaut that won’t be stopped. Tonight a new champion will be named tonight. Rey will face Dolph. Swagger faces R-Truth. Kofi will face ADR. Riley faces Miz. That’s tonight, but conspicuous by his absence is Cena. Heat for Cena. VKM says he’ll boo Cena too. He warned Cena that if that man leaves the arena with the Title, there would be severe consequences and there will be consequences tonight will be a night to always remember. Enjoy the show.

King and Cole talk about the consequences and what will happen to Cena. Cole that he looks at Cena’s Twitter and Cena thinks he’s been ‘future endeavored’ already and he apologizes to the Rock.

Miz’s music and he comes out to the ring in all his arrogant glory. Miz is slightly limping. Cole talks up Miz and his work in the RAW MITBLM. Miz poses on the corner as the show fades to commercial

– Commercial

Tournament Match – Miz vs. Alex Riley

Miz is in the ring glowering. Stills of Miz falling from holding the case to the mat. We all thought Miz was out last night, blew out his knee. Riley out to the ring wearing a very Village People type leather vest. Not cool like Austin’s.

Miz side steps Riley who keeps going after Miz’s knee. Front facelock into a rollup on Riley.Miz backed into a corner while trying to avoid Riley. Riley grabs Miz’s leg, then kicks it. Riley on Miz’s right leg really hard. Miz’s leg slammed into the post a couple times, then Riley back in with a ½ Boston crab on Miz’s bad knee. Miz is able to kick out and send Riley rolling from the ring. Miz goes after Riley, but eats a kick to the head from the apron. Riley gets two.

Miz sends Riley into the post shoulder first, then works Riley over with blows on the mat. Headlock on Riley, but he sends Miz flying. Riley slams Miz’s head/neck on Riley’s knee. Both up and Riley on Miz with elbows. A spine buster on Miz for two. Full nelson on Miz, then chain wrestling. Miz up top and flies, but Riley catches him and locks on a sharpshooter. Miz is able to get to the rope. Riley out to send Miz back in. Riley takes Miz down with a Thesz press. Blows on Miz. Miz is able to come back with a SCF and gets the three.

Winner – Miz

Miz celebrates, then to the Tourney brackets to show Miz won his match. Riley rolls to the floor as Miz backs up the ramp.

Backstage R-Truth is talking smack to himself as he heads for the ring.

– Commercial

Video about JoMo fighting his way back from injury.

Tournament Match – R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger

R-Truth out to his lack of music and a decent amount of heat. Swagger is out talking smack the whole way. Stills of Swagger from last night’s RAW MITBLM.

They lock up until Swagger gets the side headlock. Shoulder block to R-Truth for two. They then circle each other. They lock up, side headlock on R-Truth. To the ropes and Swagger breaks, but then eats a couple of blows. Swagger telegraphed and was quickly kicked. R-Truth managed to somehow roll Swagger up for two. Shoulder blocks to R-Truth in a corner. Belly-to-belly on R-Truth for two. Forearm to R-Truth’s back, then Swagger chokes him in the ropes. Back suplex on R-Truth for two. Swagger punches on R-Truth, then stomps him. R-Truth is whipped and falls to the mat. Swagger stalks R-Truth, then hits his corner splash for two.

Swagger locks R-Truth’s arms up. R-Truth to his feet and elbows out, but then takes an elbow to the back. R-Truth ducks a clothesline, then hits Swagger with a kick to the head. R-Truth missed Booker T’s scissors kick, but then rolls Swagger through of his attempted ankle lock and steals the pin and the win.

Winner – R-Truth

R-Truth also goes through to the next round.

– Commercial

ADR rolls into the arena in a sexy cream colored 1983 Excalibur Roadster. He hit the stage in his ring gear and white scarf, but of course he also has the red MITBLM case in hand. He announces himself as Mr. MITB Alberto Del Rio. Last night he won the MITBLM so he has the right to a Title shot anytime, any place. He tried to cash in last night, but he ran like a chicken. This happened because Cena couldn’t do the job. ADR says to Cena that he hopes Cena is fired. WWE needs a leader. A stronger one that everyone can respect. It’s his destiny to become Champion! Ricardo comes out onto the stage and announces ADR in that beautiful way he does, but called ADR the WWE Champion already.

– Commercial

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

ADR is in the ring shooting the bull with Ricardo who is holding the red case. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Stills of Kofi from the RAW MITBLM last night.

They lock up and Kofi is backed into a corner, then eats a cheap pop. A low drop kick to a sitting Kofi’s head. Kofi back with blows and a drop kick of his own for two. ADR back with blows, then pushes Kofi over. ADR runs the ropes as Kofi bounces over, then hits a back elbow for two. Kofi on ADR with blows in a corner, then a back elbow to ard for two. Kofi sides steps ADR who slides out through the ropes. Then Kofi flies out onto ADR. ADR rolled back in, Kofi on the apron, but then ADR kicks Kofi in the head and ADR gets two.

Chin lock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up with blows, but it then slammed back by his hair. ADR kicks Kofi in the head for two. A big elbow from ADR for two. ADR back with the chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up, blows, but pushed back into a corner. Kofi fights back with a back elbow then a big kick. ADR ruses Kofi in a corner, but Kofi moves and ADR hit’s the mat. Double clotheslines to ADR, then a drop kick. Another big clothesline and Kofi is pumped up. ADR grabs the ropes and pushes Kofi off. ADR hit’s a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Kofi for two.

ADR sets Kofi up for his submission, but Kofi gets free. ADR rolls up Kofi, but Kofi reverses it and gets the three on ADR!

Winner – Kofi

Kofi flees and celebrates up the ramp as ADR seethes in ring. Cole argues with King that ADR’s shoulder was up. King says maybe ADR’s third shoulder was up.

Backstage Rey is heading for the ring in black and white.

– Commercial

SummerSlam Recall – 1992, London, Englad. Davy Boy Smith with Lennox Louis in his ring. Smith faced Bret Hart. Brothers-in-law faced off while Smith’s wife/Bret’s sister looked on. Smith came out the winner for the IC Title.

Video of ADR losing the match.

Josh backstage with Kofi. Kofi talks up the MITBLM, but came up short. This is a new opportunity. That was the first step in Kofi becoming the new WWE Champion. One down, two to go. Boom!

Tournament Match – Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

Rey out to the ring in his normal fashion, bringing great reactions from the fans. Stills of Rey flying through the air last night. King talks up what a good guy Rey is as Cole rips on Rey’s mask and how mask wearers has something to hide. Dolph out to the ring with Vickie in tow wearing a very pretty dress.

Dolph on Rey with blows. Dolph wasn’t in a match last night, so he’s fresh compared to Rey. Rey whipped, but gets his feet up and climbs all over Dolph’s body to take him down in a DDT type move. Dolph kicks Rey and sends Rey flying out. Dolph hits a flapjack on Rey outside. Back in the ring Dolph gets two. Dolph again rolls Rey for two as Vickie slaps the side of the ring and screeches. An interesting leg hold with the back of Rey’s head in Dolph’s crotch! Rey comes back by pinning Dolph for two.

Rey climbs all over Dolph, but ends up eating mat. Dolph tries to splash Rey in a corner, but Rey moves. A kick to Dolph’s head and Rey gets two. Rey climbs and hits a seated senton as King calls it ‘Vintage’ Rey. Dolph fights back, but can only get two for it. “619” chants. Rey whipped, then sends Dolph head first into the middle buckle. Rey tries for a hurricanranna, almost ends up eating mat, but takes Dolph down. Dolph ducks the 619, then slams Rey down on the mat, but only gets two as Vickie continues to screech.

Dolph stomps Rey as the “619” chants fill the arena. Dolph pulls Rey up, but Rey takes Dolph down and hits the 619. Rey up top and flies with a splash on Dolph for three!

Winner – Rey

Rey celebrates while Dolph looks confused and upset. Rey out to talk to a little kid as they show video highlights of the match. Rey on the stage smiling as Vickie screeches at Dolph who is propped up on a bottom rope.

King and Cole talk about what VKM said and how this Tourney is to name a new Champ. Backstage VKM is talking with Laurinaitis.

– Commercial

Divas 7 on 7 Tag Match – Kelly & AJ & Kim & Beth & Eve & Natalya & Kaitlyn vs. Melina & Maryse & Brie Bella & Nikki Bella & Rosa & Fox & Tamina

The face Divas out to Kelly’s music. Kelly is in a GB jersey. The heels out with all that attitude. The heels all show off in a way the faces didn’t.

All the heels flee the ring and left Rosa to Beth. Rosa botches a move, bending her knees and about throws Beth to the mat for screwing it up. Beth then suplexes Rosa and the bellas rush the ring. Kim and Natalya rush in to take them out. The heels jump Natalya and Kim, so the others rush over and a huge brawl ensues. Beth gets Rosa up and hit a glam slam for three.

Winners – face Divas

Kelly raises her strap and there’s some (probably unscripted) eye rolls and glaring from Beth who is right next to Kelly. Kelly is focused right in on Beth as she holds the strap high. (Interesting, but not really shocking.)

Video promo for Rey’s new DVD.

– Commercial

Video of the retired GB jerseys.

Cole and King talk about who will win matches. King thinks it will come down to Kofi and Rey in the end.

Semi-finals Match – Kofi Kingston vs. Miz

Video of Kofi’s win over ADR as Kofi hits the ring. Kofi is still all bouncy in the ring. Miz out, still carrying his huge ego on his shoulders. Clips of Miz defeating Riley earlier in the show.

Kofi after Miz’s leg and gets two. Sweet cross body on Miz for one. Kofi nails Miz with a drop kick, but Miz’s bady had already fallen back quite a bit when Kofi’s feet barely touched him in this move. Miz sells and Kofi gets two.

Kofi still on Miz’s knee, but then Kofi plants Miz with both feet to his chest for two. Miz fights back hurting Kofi’s legs. Miz gets two for it. Chinlock on Kofi in the center of the mat. Fans behind Kofi who fights up, then kicks Miz’s knee. Kofi rushes Miz who moves, but Kofi goes after Miz’s knee on his way back in. Kofi gets two, then hits a drop kick on Miz for two. Kofi kicks up at Miz in a corner, then a flying cross body on Miz for a long two.

Kofi still on that leg. Kofi slams down and Miz really sells the knee injury. Kofi calls for the end, but Miz to the ropes. Miz hangs Kofi up top, then Miz hops in. He tries to hit his SCF, but Kofi rolls through and pins Miz for a long two. Kofi ends up snake eyes in the corner. Miz hits his SCF on Kofi for three as Cole is screeching at announce about how great Miz is.

Winner – Miz

King gives Miz credit through the high points in the match. Cole is still crowing about Miz and how great he is. Miz poses in a corner as Kofi holds his head on the mat.

Backstage Stanford talks to R-Truth about winning his match and going to the finals. He says he should be Champion. The conspiracy kept him from winning the MITBLM. This Title is gonna get got and that’s the troof!

– Commercial

Video promo for Andy. He shows the house he grew up in. That’s where Silent Rage was born. He said there was a meth lab across the street from his house. He learned to be quiet and humble. His faith brought him through it. His high school wrestling coach talked about how Andy’s silent rage came out.

Semi-finals Match – Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth

Rey back out to the ring. Video of the high points of Rey’s match with Dolph earlier. R-Truth out to his lack of music and cat calls from the fans, but not a lot of heat.

R-Truth on Rey with kicks and blows, then screams about Little Jimmies! Stomping on Rey in a corner, then whips Rey. R-Truth pins for two. Cole talks about Cena fans as R-Truth nails Rey with a simple but beautiful suplex. Rey kicks back at R-Truth, then blows, but a huge clothesline takes Rey down hard for two. Front facelock on Rey. Rey to his feet and punches free, but then eats a high knee for two. Body scissors on Rey in the center of the ring. Rey punches back at R-Truth who sets him free. Blows on Rey, but then R-Truth eats a boot. Rey manages an arm drag on R-Truth that sends him out, but it really looked botched. Rey flies out on R-Truth outside.

– Commercial

Chinlock on Rey in the center of the ring. Rey to his feet and elbows free. Rey is able to roll R-Truth up for two, but then into a clothesline from R-Truth for two. R-Truth is seething that he didn’t get three. R-Truth on Rey with blows, then pins for two. R-Truth pulls Rey up, and Rey runs the ropes into some sort of spinning move that takes Rey down for two. R-Truth looks incredulous. R-Truth chokes Rey in the ropes, but has to let him free. “619” chants. Kick to R-Truth’s gut, then another. Rey sets up for a 619, but R-Truth up with a big clothesline. R-Truth pins, but Rey is able to kick out.

Front facelock on Rey on the mat. Only way to win this is pinfall or submission, so why let loose when the ref counts? R-Truth plants Rey on the mat for two. R-Truth over to argue with the ref. the fans are getting much louder. Rey hits a drop toe hold so R-Truth eats the bottom buckle. Rey with kicks and blows, then a flying cross body for two. Rey runs in to a kick, but then ducks the scissor kick. Rey rolls through and nails a drop kick on R-Truth’s face for two.

Both are struggling and tired. R-Truth slams down to his bum sending Rey bouncing off his shoulder. R-Truth pins, but Rey reaches the ropes. R-Truth stomps Rey as Rey holds a rope. “Let’s go Rey-Rey!” chants. Rey fights back with shoulder blocks, then a hurricanranna, then 619. Rey flies off the top and pins R-Truth for three!

Winner – Rey Mysterio

Rey celebrates as R-Truth glares from the mat. Video of the high points at the end of the match. Rey is completely pumped in the ring and is staying out there to wait for Miz.

– Commercial

VKM out to the ring. He says he’s not denying Rey or Miz the opportunity to be Champion, but he has something that is just as important. He’s asking Rey and Miz to postpone their match until next week. Rey is pissed. VKM tells Rey not to be selfish, this is bigger than Rey. The fans are unhappy as Rey leaves the ring.

VKM says no one man is bigger than the WWE. He can make a new John Cena. “CM Punk!” chants. VKM says he’s not denying Cena, the respect and work ethics. But VKM has to make some difficult decisions. Sometimes you have to set an example in business. This isn’t about VKM’s ego, not about VKM having to win all the time, it’s about business. He does what’s right for us fans over the years, from a business perspective. Sometimes the fans are blinded by their (our) short sightedness. Sometimes the decisions VKM makes decision for the long term. The fans don’t understand what he’s doing. B ut in time we will and will thank him. As much as he’d like to not have to do this.
“CM Punk!” chants. VKM rolls his eyes. As much as VKM would like to not have to do this, let’s get it over with.

Cena’s music and he comes out looking rather sullen. Cena gets heat and pop from the fans. The usual – women and kids love Cena, the men hate him. VKM starts talking, but Cena grabs the mic. Cena says to relax, relax. He’s not going to go on a profanity ridden tirade. They don’t need the seven seconds. Cena tells Kevin that he’s not going to show his genitalia. He’s not going to talk bad about VKM’s family or the company. He knows what VKM’s about to do and he’s okay with that because he’s not going to go through the same thinks VKM made HBK go through. HBK, the best performer to ever step in this ring. VKM made HBK bend over backwards. For all of HBK’s accomplishments and achievements, all they said about was that HBK was the one who screwed Bret! No matter how many Titles, what accomplishments, HBK carried that burden. It began to define him and it stuck with HBK his entire career! Cena thought about that a lot last week.

If he was in HBK’s shoes, would he want to be the one who screwed Bret? Would he want to be the one who screwed CM Punk? Cena said his answer was no. Cena knew what was at stake. He wanted that match. It was more than the Title, more than his career. More than Cena versus Punk in a classic. It was about VKM wanting to keep his universe in tact, wanted to keep his bubble in tact. Nobody can embarrass VKM, and to do that he needed someone to play ball and Cena was going to be his pasty. NO WAY!

Cena knows he’s not supposed to say his name, but CM Punk, that was a hell of a match last night son. Thank you so much! VKM put Cena in a position to make a decision. Cena doesn’t do business like that. He’s VKM and has his way of doing things, Cena does his business another way. If he’d gone along with VKM, he’d have made the WWE Championship meaningless! Cheers for Cena! Cena says he’s had a great career here. VKM says he can make another Cena? Fine, make one. Ten! Cena doesn’t care. VKM has 8 months to find someone to face Rock at WM. Cena’s not an idiot. VKM will find someone for Rock and WM will go off without a hitch, as if he wasn’t ever there. Meanwhile Cena gets to walk out with his pride and his dignity. Before they get into the formalities. The VKM walk and the big speech, that Cena will let him do, it’s what they know VKM for. He wants to say something to him. Cena loves the WWE and believes he belongs here. Man, he hates saying this, but if VKM’s going to tell Cena’s not welcome here, has no other option. If he has to walk onto someone else’s show, he’s going to do that, Brother! The fans go wild! Cena says it’s not a threat, but a promise. Here’s the skinny, he proves tonight that he won’t kiss VKM’s ass! Cena drops the mic and starts to leave the ring.

VKM says no, Cena’s not leaving until VKM has the satisfaction of what he’s going to do. No, Cena’s not. As much as it hurts VKM personally and business wise to say this. John –

Triple H’s music hits and he stomps to the ring in a suit and tie looking really pissed off. Trip into the ring and talks to VKM off mic, whispering in his ear. VKM calls for a mic for one of the all-time greats and his son-in-law, Triple H! VKM, all smiles, gives Trip a mic. The fans are wild! VKM is all smiles. Trip says he got there as quickly as he could. There was a Board of Directors meeting this morning. VKM looks a bit ill.

Last night Trip flew to Chicago, then to the office for a meeting, then back there. They asked Trip to talk to VKM about the current situation. Could they talk in the back about this? This is concern about VKM! Don’t get Trip wrong. They know VKM built all this. But at the same time the Board is concerned about his extremely questionable decisions as of late – their words. Trip talks off mic to go off mic. VKM says they have mics, so why? One fan clearly yells ‘pedigree’! Trip tells VKM that the Board has files an injunction with a vote of no confidence. Trip says the family agrees. VKM looks a bit green. Trip says the Board has appointed someone to take over the day to day operations of the WWE. Trip scratches his face, then tells VKM that he can’t believe he’s saying this, but it’s Trip they want. The fans are chanting for Cena!

Trip tells VKM he’s not firing Cena. Cena oversells on the ramp, slapping hands of fans and bouncing around. Trip tells VKM he’s not going to be doing anything else. VKM taught Trip from day one that nobody is bigger than this business, nobody. He can’t believe he’s saying this and with all due respect. He’s there to inform VKM that he’s relieved of his duties.

VKM starts crying, tears and all. He looks like a beaten old man as the fans start singing, ‘Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!’ over and over. Trip says he didn’t want to do this, do what’s right for the business. Trip has tears in his voice as he tells VKM, “I love you Pop, and I’m sorry.” Trip drops his mic and leaves the ring. Trip up the ramp with his head hung low. “Triple H!” chants. Trip turns and looks back at VKM in the center of the ring, tears in his eyes. VKM looks all nervous in the ring as the fans start cheering him. VKM paces the ring, looks lost as, “Thank you Vince!” chants fill the arena and he nods a bit, tears still on his face, in his eyes.

Biggest pop
Triple H
CM Punk
Rey Mysterio

Biggest heat

Most mixed/confused

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