Booker T's New Role With WWE (Contains Spoilers)

Booker T was introduced as the newest member of the SmackDown announce team at tonight’s SmackDown taping in Long Island, New York, replacing Matt Striker. The team now consists of the returning Superstar, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews.

He performed the “Spin-a-Roonie” in the ring before joining his new colleagues at the announce desk.

As reported earlier, Booker T returned to World Wrestling Entertainment to announce as well as wrestle. His new role with the company is being compared to that of Jerry Lawler’s since he announces and wrestles.

Booker T, along with Kevin Nash, returned to WWE Sunday to participate in the 40-Man Royal Rumble Match. He entered the battle royal at number twenty-one and was ultimately eliminated by Mason Ryan.

The six-time world champion reportedly signed a long-term contract with the organization.

Photos of Booker T at the Royal Rumble ->


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