Rob Van Dam Talks About Returning to WWE & The Monday Night War On 1/4

Former WWE and ECW champion Rob Van Dam appeared on the “Busted Open” Sirius satellite radio show this week and spoke about whether he’d be willing to return to World Wrestling Entertainment.

“If the conditions were right, then the conditions would be right. I can tell you for sure that I have no interest in returning to a full-time schedule like I did before. That’s not going to happen.”

RVD told the hosts that the WWE vs. TNA battle on January 4th was the first time in while that he had watched wrestling. He says Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart felt special, but the feeling didn’t last long.

“That was the first wrestling that I watched in the longest time, and it’s also the last wrestling I watched. I flipped back and forth with skepticism,” RVD said. “There was optimism. There was hope. The whole thing with Hogan and the change. It was a nice moment. I liked seeing Bret. I was comparing and about 45 minutes into it I felt like I was just watching wrestling and I lost interest.”

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