The Nasty Boys Mock Young TNA Talent, Hernandez Possibly Heading To Mexico


— There was some eye rolling in the TNA locker room when Hulk Hogan and The Nasty Boys had a laugh at the expense of X Division star Jay Lethal.

Jerry Sags openly questioned how long TNA will keep him employed and laughed at the audacity of his “Black Machismo” character.

Apparently in a tongue in cheek tone, Hogan later cracked during an appearance on The Bubba The Love Sponge Show that TNA should bring in Randy Savage to manage Lethal.

— TNA officials have spoken to the Mexican-based AAA promotion about sending Hernandez for an extended stay.

While this idea has come up in the past, there are some who feel he could become a legitimate star in Mexico. On the other hand, others fear Mexican wrestling fans could turn on him once they discover that he doesn’t speak Spanish particularly well.

For those curious, Hernandez is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

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