Jim Ross Blog: Austin Injured On The Set Of His Movie, Bryan Danielson In WWE

Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here’s what JR said about:

Bryan Danielson: “Speaking of Dragon Gate, Bryan Danielson will also be signing at that event and wrestling. Bryan, trained by HBK, has apparently agreed to a deal with WWE which is a smart move on the WWE’s part. I think Danielson should have been signed long ago but that’s just one man’s opinion… I have no clue as to what WWE brand Danielson will migrate to first but it would not surprise me to see him hang his hat in ECW. For the record, that’s not an official declaration but merely an opinion. WWE honchos could bring Danielson to Smackdown and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I’m just saying.”

Steve Austin’s Injured on the Set:: “Steve Austin is scheduled to wrap the latest film he’s starring in on Wednesday in Vancouver. In the last few days of filming, Steve ran into an ‘I’ beam and severely gashed his bald head. He emailed me a photo and it was gnarly to say the least but Steve said that he ‘didn’t sell it and never left his feet.’ And when I say gash, I mean gash. Austin’s legend of being “hard headed” is not folklore I assure you. Steve may be starting yet another film, perhaps in Vancouver, in November, TBD.”

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