Has WWE Cleaned Itself Up?, WWE Hall of Famer Wrestling Tonight, European Tour

— One year ago today, SmackDown wrestler Jimmy Wang Yang was suspended for 30 days due to a violation of WWE’s drug testing policy. Besides Wang, the only other wrestler to be publicly suspended within the past year as a result of a drug-related infraction is Dolph Ziggler, who was popped on October 10, 2008. By comparison, the two years prior to Wang’s drug violation saw approximately 30 drug-related suspensions.

With that being said, the company’s developmental wrestlers in Florida Championship Wrestling underwent drug testing last month. As it turns out, of the four confirmed releases (Lupe Viscara, Jon Cutler, Dakota “Maverick” Darsow and Kafu) in recent days, two of them were let go as a result of drug test failures, reports The Sun. Company officials instead opted to release the violators rather than publicly suspend them. In November 2007, a new rule went into effect where WWE would publicly announce all future drug suspensions. Prior, WWE would keep things on the down-low as to not embarrass their performers and the company.

— A match between Evan Bourne and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas has been teased for tonight’s episode of ECW on Sci Fi.

As seen on last week’s show, Atlas caused Bourne to defeat Mark Henry by disqualification when the referee noticed the Hall of Famer trying to push him from the top rope. A noticeably angry Henry berated his associate following the incident.

As seen in the “After the Bell” segment on WWE.com, Atlas went to Henry following the match to apologize for his mistake. Henry would hear none of it, instead telling him to “dust off his tights” and wrestle Bourne himself on tonight’s show.

— The Raw brand will kick off another international tour tomorrow. Raw will hit Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday, Prague, Czech Republic on Thursday, Belgrade, Serbia on Friday, and Nimes, France on Saturday before returning stateside for next Monday’s Raw taping in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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