Details Behind Cappotelli's WWE Firing, Miz Wins Most Improved, Scotty Goldman

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— After being kept on the payroll for three additional years, World Wrestling Entertainment released Tough Enough 2 winner Matt Cappotelli from his $75,000 per year contract last week in a cost-cutting measure. There had been talk of releasing him from his contract in the past, but considering the public nature of his illness, officials believed it would look terrible to the outside.

Just before his scheduled call-up to the WWE roster, Cappotelli, 29, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November 2005. He has not been able to wrestle since. The brain tumor was removed in 2007, but there has been no talk of Cappotelli returning to the ring as he is weakened by having to undergo chemotherapy.

— ECW Superstar The Miz (Mike Mizanin) was named “Most Improved” in the 29th annual Wrestling Observer Newsletter readership awards announced this past week. Here is the final voter tally:

1. THE MIZ (203)1,578
2. Tyler Black (194)1,244
3. John Morrison (15)237
4. Cody Rhodes (22)235
5. Suwama (16)234
6. Yamato (33)216
7. Kofi Kingston (9)184
8. Shingo Takagi (14)182
9. Ted DiBiase (8)116
10. Rhett Titus (13)96

— SmackDown wrestler Scotty Goldman, who hasn’t appeared on television in months, is today’s “Superstar of the Day” on

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