Jim Ross Blog: 2009 Hall Of Fame, Less WWE PPVs, Orton-Batista, Reid Flair

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– I am anxious to see or hear of a short list of potential WWE HOF’ers for the 2009 class simply out of curiosity. One would think that this group will be wisely utilized at the WM25 Fan Axxess event in conjunction with WM25 in Houston in April. We all have our “lists” and there are few events during the entire year that I enjoy attending more than the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I wish that the event would start around 5 or 6 p.m. the night before ‘Mania 25 so us old timers could celebrate with the inductees and their families and still be ready to rock on Sunday night in Reliant Stadium.

– For the record, the number of pay per views likely isn’t going to lessen any time soon. Creative would most likely be all for it but the accountants definitely wouldn’t. In a publicly traded company with budgets to meet and with pay per view comprising such a vital part of the bottom line, the bean counters win.

– The announcer assignments, which most people could care less about, should be interesting considering that there are so many tri-branded elimination tag bouts featured at the Survivor Series. Some of us preparation freaks like to know what bouts we will be responsible for but there is a good chance that info might not be available until Sunday or Saturday at the earliest. My philosophy has always been to prepare as if I am calling all the bouts and take it from there. Who knows, perhaps all three announce teams will be called into duty simultaneously for the matches that have talents from all three brands competing.

– The Batista-Orton business is interesting because they spoke of their history and therefore the all important “personal issue” between the two exists and is understood by the fans. Nothing is more important when booking matches than putting individuals together that have a history or are developing one which then equates to the “personal issue” that gives consumers the motivation to make an emotional investment in their matches.

– I am relived to see that Reid Flair is holding off on making his pro debut for whatever the reasons may be. Reid is a special kid whose Dad casts an immense shadow and my take on it is that Reid needs several months of training before he is thrown out in front of the paying customers in a well promoted event where he will be asked to be “good” from day one. There should be no hurry in launching Reid’s pro wrestling career.


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