Watch Cena's Super Bowl Commercial, "The Wrestler" Box Office Numbers, Kizarny

— John Cena was featured in the USA Network’s Superbowl commercial last night on NBC. The 30-second spot, which includes Cena giving the FU to somebody through a park bench, can be viewed at

— The weekend box office figures are in and it appears that commercials during WWE programming, an appearance by Mickey Rourke on Larry King and the continued Rourke-WrestleMania buzz did little to help ticket sales for “The Wrestler.” reports that “The Wrestler” pulled in another $2,350,000 in its seventh week in theaters, down over 37% from the previous week. The movie has now grossed over $13 million.

— Kizarny’s profile has been removed from the Smackdown roster at He wrestled on Smackdown house shows over the weekend.

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