Angelina Love Says WWE Wants A Roster Full Of The Same Women, Impact Rating

SLAM! Wrestling has an article on TNA Knockout Angelina Love, who’s excited to be coming home for tomorrow night’s No Surrender pay-per-view in Oshawa, Ontario. Love grew up in nearby Toronto and attended post-secondary school at Durham College, which is located in Oshawa. “For a company like TNA, that’s been growing so rapidly, to be coming here, with so many Canadian wrestlers on its roster, its such a cool thing to be happening,” Love said. “A lot of my buddies from Durham College will be there for the show — it can’t get any better than that.” During the interview, Love spoke out on the differences between TNA and WWE, as she used to be under a developmental contract to them. She said looks and the ability to wrestle are the primary differences between TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas. “Everybody has their own different look, and that means you’re going to see different things each week. We can all wrestle, which is a huge difference between the (WWE) Divas and the Knockouts.” Love said based on her own experience. “When I got signed by the competition, I had my hair all braided and I was told to take them out, it was too different of a look,” she explained. “I asked, ‘Do they not want something different, or do they want twenty of the same girl?’, and I was told twenty of the same girl. I became Random Blonde 14, and it really didn’t mean much.” Love also expressed her desire to work in Hollywood one day. {Angelina Love excited to be coming home}

— Thursday’s edition of Impact drew a 1.1 cable rating, up from last week’s 1.0 number, which went up against the NFL season opener. The highest rated portions of the show were the Samoa Joe gauntlet match and the final segment of the beauty pageant, reports prowrestling.NET. Some viewers tuned out following the beauty pageant segment as the number dropped for the final segment featuring Sting, Samoa Joe and the triumphant return of Jeff Jarrett.

— has an article on Robert Roode. He is asked if he’s happy working tag matches with James Storm. “We’re on a roll,” Roode said. “I’m having a blast. James and I have great chemistry. I’ve always been a huge tag team wrestling fan. It’s a lost art form. Just watch the old Hart Foundation and British Bulldogs.” {TNA’s Roode ‘having a blast’}

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