Big TNA Star Returning Soon, Angelina Love Correction, Referee Turning Wrestler

— Scott Steiner returned to the ring at an indy show in Michigan over the weekend, reports SLAM! Wrestling. He should be returning to TNA soon after having surgery back in June to repair a torn ACL in his knee.

— It was reported earlier today that TNA Knockout Angelina Love went to Japan over the weekend to team up with Tomohiko Hashimoto in a match with Yutaka Yoshie and Mike DiBiase. The original source of the story has since removed the tidbit from his website as it’s completely false. Also, Yutaka Yoshie is a male wrestler, so a female & male vs. two males match is obviously a bit too far-fetched. Additionally, Ms. Love herself said that she’s currently at home nursing a sprained ankle.

— The TNA website has added a picture of referee Shane Sewell to the roster section. TNA has plans for Sewell to wrestle soon. Sewell wrestles under the name “Glamour Boy” Shane outside of TNA.

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