Chris Jericho On HBK Angle, Punching Michaels' Wife, His Title Reign Ending, More

Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun has a new interview online with Chris Jericho. While the interview was done to promote Fuse TV’s show Redemption Song, which features Jericho as host, he did answer some wrestling questions. Below are the highlights:

When asked if he is working on a new book: Yeah, I am working on it, but not as much as I’d like to be. All the stuff has been committed to paper, so to speak, and I have it all organized. I just have to actually write the thing. It’s a big project to write a book, and I’m really busy right now, so it’s hard to get into that mind-set. But there will be another one.

Regarding creative input in his storyline with Shawn Michaels: Most of the best programs and story lines have a lot of input from the principal characters, and I’ve never been the type of guy to just have somebody write something for me. Obviously, behind the scenes, some of the things that you do from Monday to Monday I have no control over, but I do a lot of writing for all the promos, and Shawn and I did a lot of writing together for some of the things that we did.

On punching Rebecca Michaels in the face: I mean, what could you say? It was one of those things where there’s always the X factor that something could happen like that, and we all knew what the danger of it was. Obviously, Shawn and I felt terrible. Rebecca did not. She loved it. She thought it was awesome. And the fact that she didn’t end up with any permanent damage – no broken teeth, a fat lip for a couple weeks – it’s probably the best thing that could have happened. That really kick-started the angle and took it to a different place. Obviously, I felt so bad about it, but when all was said and done, it actually worked out for the best.

Whether or not his title reign ended prematurely: Well, certain things happen at certain times, and there’s different reactions from Vince [McMahon]. And when he makes a decision, you have to go with it. But let me just say that it’s not completely the way that it seems right now – there’s going to be a lot more to it. Vince usually has a lot of different plans, and whether it’s the end of it for good or whether I win the title again, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter to me. I think there’s a lot of over-analyzing of different things. To me, the most important thing was that I got it in the first place, which was never supposed to be the case.

In response to Rob Van Dam saying that Jericho was insecure about losing his spot to him: I’ve never been insecure about anything with my spot. I tried to help Rob, because he was supposed to be a heel and he still was interested in being a babyface. Rob wants to be Rob. He doesn’t want to play along, because he’s RVD and he’s going to do what he wants to do. I’m about business. If I’m a heel, I want to be hated; if I’m a babyface, I want to be cheered. When he was a heel, he wanted to be cheered, so I tried to help him with that. He thought I was insecure about my spot, and I’m sorry that that’s the case. I’ve always been a fan of Rob’s even when most people in the office weren’t, and I always stood up for him. So, if he feels that way it’s too bad, because I was actually one of his biggest supporters.

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