Heyman Says WWE & TNA Need Drastic Overhauls, Linda Speaks On Nick's Release

— Paul Heyman has a new column up at the UK Sun, which can be read here in its entirety. This week, Heyman talks about the wrestling industry needing a major overhaul from top to bottom. Paul examines the current WWE & TNA products and picks them apart piece by piece. Heyman vents, “Let’s be clear on one thing. I’m not talking about the good ol’ days. I don’t want wrestling to look back on old concepts. I’m begging the industry to realise the present style of writing, producing, and presenting wrestling television has simply run its course. Don’t be afraid to attempt a new concept, and alter it along the way according to public tastes and reactions. Get the audience involved in your search for a new manner in which to present the world’s second oldest profession”

— ContactMusic.com where Linda Hogan talks about how prison has made her son Nick a “changed man”. She tells E! online, “He’s a changed person. He went into prison as a juvenile and you know he’s experienced something that is gonna mould and change him for the rest of his life, for his adult life. He wants to make a positive difference in this world.” Nick was greeted with a “Welcome Home” sign and yellow balloons outside his house and Linda admits, “I cried when I hugged him.” She added, “He’s had six months in jail and he’s just gotta try to regroup and remould his life… In the future I think his actions will speak louder than words. I think when people just watch, (they’ll see) he’s a changed person. (He’s changed) For the better. You know he really just wants to try to be serious and make a difference, wants to look into colleges and just be a kid.”


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