WWE Star Hurt At SD Taping, Y2J Comments On Character Change, MSG Pre-Sale

— Jamie Noble wrestled WWE developmental wrestler Jake Hagar in a dark match prior to last night’s SmackDown/ECW taping in Pittsburgh. Noble got hurt following a belly-to-belly suplex as he landed on his neck and upper shoulders. Hagar quickly pinned him and the match was over. It then took approximately three minutes for WWE personnel to get Noble to the backstage area.

— WWE will be returning to Madison Square Garden for a house show on Sunday, December 28. The pre-sale went on sale earlier today at TicketMaster.com and the code is UNFORGIVEN. It is currently ongoing and runs through Friday.

— Chris Jericho discussed the overhaul of his character in an interview with the Between the Ropes radio show last night. “My mission was to completely reinvent who Chris Jericho was as a character and what Chris Jericho was as a performer and who Chris Jericho is as a performer,” Jericho said. “I’ve really been concentrating on doing things I’ve never done before and doing things completely different from before. I think it’s part of the heat. People really aren’t happy with the fact that I’m serious about no more Y2J… It’s getting to the point where when someone calls me that I’m almost insulted by it because I’m so into this whole character that I’ve created.” Jericho also commented on a reality show he will be hosting on Fuse called Redemption Song. “We started last week and it’s going great,” Jericho said. He noted that the concept of the show involves female singers who screwed up their past chances in the music industry due to drinking and drugs getting a shot at redemption.” Jericho comes on roughly an hour into the show. The 10-year anniversary special also features interviews with Jerry Lynn, Brother Devon, and Rob Van Dam. You can listen to the interview at www.BetweenTheRopes.com.

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