Foley's WWE Contract Expiring Soon, WWE Holding Off Killings' Debut?, Kendrick

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— For the record, Mick Foley’s WWE contract expires at the end of the summer.

— When WWE filmed those vignettes currently airing on SmackDown of Ron “R-Truth” Killings talking about growing up, they filmed eight of them. It looks like it’ll be about a month and half before he actually debuts in the ring on television. They’ve aired two of them so far, so six more to go. If they do indeed air all eight of them, he won’t be debuting until Friday, September 19 at the earliest.

— Brian Kendrick is definitely in line for a push from WWE. They want to make Kendrick a somebody, and create an act similar to Shawn Michaels & Diesel. The Kendrick & Ezekiel pairing is patterned after them. Also, he is now going under the name “The Brian Kendrick” and his Sliced Bread #2 finisher is now “The Kendrick,” which is said to be a spoof on “The Tazz” line by Mike Adamle.

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