H&M launches capsule men’s collection with football player Hector Bellerin

H&M is launching a capsule collection with football player Héctor Bellerín. The range, which includes 90s-inspired sportswear like oversized shirting, utilitarian parkas and graphic sweatshirts, aims to push “sustainability and style.”

All materials were sustainably sourced, according to H&M, with Bellerín deeply involved in the design process at every stage. The London-based Arsenal player, who hails from Spain, is considered a style icon amongst many fans, and previously made an appearance on the Louis Vuitton SS20 runway show.

“I wanted the collection to feel comfortable and light and the earthy colours are inspired by nature,” Bellerín told Dazed Digital. “During quarantine I spent a lot of time outdoors and I’d often go for a walk and be inspired by the plant patterns.” In an interview with the Mirror last year Bellerín said he didn’t buy many new clothes: “If I get clothes I look to go to charity shops or something similar and even if I buy anything else I will always check if it is second hand. I’m actually looking to start a course in sustainable design.”

As for sustainability, H&M said it sourced organic cotton or used fibres recycled from textile production waste. Nylons and polyesters are recycled, while viscose fibres originate from sustainable sources. Where possible, Bellerín was keen for pieces to be made from single materials, to make them easier to recycle.

“Héctor Bellerín is a leader of the generation that’s redefining men’s style and advocating for positive change. Everyone at H&M is so happy to collaborate with Héctor to create Edition by Héctor Bellerín, a true sustainable collection for men,” Ross Lydon, Head of Menswear Design at H&M, said in a statement.

The collection lands in store and online on February 18.

Image via H&M

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