Latest On Steve Austin & WWE, WWE Signs Huge International Star, DVD Figures

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Last week, new WWE Mexico President Bosco Attolini Pesqueira said WWE is looking to sign some of the biggest wrestling names in Mexico. Pesqueira noted WWE now has its own offices in Mexico and its television on Televisa and TV Azteca, which gives them equal, if not better exposure, than both AAA and CMLL. He said the TV deals with make WWE bigger and entice talent to sign with them. Anyway, WWE has signed someone. The first signing is Dos Caras Jr., who has been in talks with WWE for a few months and was close to signing in the summer, but passed on the offer.

Caras Jr. said he’s leaving on bad terms with CMLL, but will fulfill a few more bookings, with his last night being this Friday night at Arena Mexico in the main event. Caras Jr. still holds the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship, and while it’s been known for a few months that he may be leaving, they never set up a program for him to lose the title.

One of the reasons he’s leaving CMLL for WWE is because in his eyes, CMLL didn’t seem too care if he left or not. After WWE made him an offer over the summer, CMLL never tried to convince him to stay. Caras Jr. said the only reason he’s fulfilling all of his dates for CMLL is because he’s a professional and plans to honor his contract until it expires.

Caras Jr. said CMLL is in bad shape, noting the unhappy wrestlers and lackluster attendance. Caras Jr. plans on vacating the title and said CMLL thought he would take the belt with him to WWE. However, WWE isn’t going to recognize the title of another organization they have no relationship with.

In Mexico, this is said to be the biggest story to hit the Mexican wrestling scene since business picked up four years ago.

— Steve Austin is scheduled to start shooting for his new movie, Damage, next week on October 17 in Vancouver. Of course, Austin is booked to appear at WWE’s Cyber Sunday pay-per-view in the middle of shooting. Don’t expect to see him involved on WWE television past Cyber Sunday. The plan is for the film to take a day off from shooting so Austin can fly to Phoenix, Arizona for Cyber Sunday and then immediately fly back to Vancouver to resume shooting the next day. Austin is the lead character in the movie, playing a convict who just got out of prison and gets pressured into underground fighting.

— During the month of August, WWE shipped a total of 164,000 DVD units. The top four DVDs are WrestleMania (314,000 units shipped, which is actually considered to be a huge disappointment), Triple H (239,000), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (228,000), and The Rock (200,000 units shipped to date). The numbers on the Ric Flair DVD should be out soon, but it will likely end up as the No. 5 DVD of the year.

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