WWE's Latest Benoit Editing Technique, Dateline NBC Working On Wrestling Story

— A few readers have pointed out that in the Hall of Fame portion of the WrestleMania DVD (which was released this past Tuesday), Ric Flair’s mention of Chris Benoit during his speech was edited out. Flair started running down the names of the 1998 version of the Four Horsemen, and the Benoit mention was replaced by Flair’s mention of Steve “Mongo” McMichael. When you hear the speech, it comes off as if Flair said McMichael’s name twice, when he really didn’t.

Dateline NBC is looking to do a story in late June on the professional industry revolving around the one-year anniversary of the Chris Benoit double-murder suicide, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. However, the story is only under consideration, and not definite. What would likely make it definite is if the family of Nancy Benoit would cooperate with the piece. The family has largely kept quiet due to the possibility of legal action.

Benoit: Wrestling with the Horror that Destroyed a Family and Crippled a Sport by Steve Johnson, Heath McCoy, Irvin Muchnick, and Greg Oliver, published in November 2007, is now the number one book in the wrestling category at Amazon.ca.

— Speaking of Chris and Nancy Benoit, it would have been their birthdays yesterday. They both shared the same birthday. Chris would have turned 41 and Nancy would have turned 44.

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