More On Michael Hayes-Mark Henry Incident, SmackDown Rating, MVP On Lesnar


The Sun out of the U.K. has a story on the Michael Hayes-Mark Henry racial incident. The story says that Hayes was drunkingly singing a few songs on stage (which was set up for a band at the after Hall of Fame ceremony party). An eyewitness at the party said, “Hayes was up on stage, drunk, singing badly and swaying all over the place. It’s the same thing he did at Stephanie McMahon’s wedding to Triple H. Only this night didn’t turn out so well for him.” The eyewitness claims that later in the night, Hayes was ribbing SmackDown wrestler Mark Henry, saying that his lack of success on the brand was due to him “not being black enough.” Hayes then added, “I’ve got soul, brother. I’m more of a n***** than you are!” Hayes was extremely inebriated during the incident with Henry. Henry later reported the incident to WWE officials, and Hayes was suspended for 60 days. For The Sun‘s story, click here.

— Last night’s edition of SmackDown drew a 2.4 fast national rating. The first hour drew a particularly low 2.2 rating, but increased to a 2.6 for the final hour. The final number will be released next week.

— In an interview with the Ottawa Sun, MVP believes that Brock Lesnar will do well in the UFC. “Pro wrestlers are some of the toughest athletes on the planet,” MVP said. “With the right training, a lot of guys could do well in MMA. Brock is going to be a force.” MVP also tells a story about Mark Henry bending steel. You can read the article at this link.

See photo of Michael Hayes out at 5:00 A.M. after this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

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