Reason For Triple H Missing Raw On Monday, WWE At Lesnar Fight, WWE 24/7


— The reason Triple H missed Raw on Monday is because his 41-year old brother-in-law, Gordon B. Ouellette, who was married to his sister Lynn Levesque, suddenly passed away on Monday at Southern NH Medical Center. You can read an obituary on Ouellette from a local newspaper at this link. There is also a memorial page on Ouellette at this link. He leaves behind two children, Peter and Neysa Ouellette.

— WWE was given 30 front-row tickets by UFC for Brock Lesnar’s fight last Saturday. However, the majority of them were utilized by members in management. The only WWE stars in attendance at the event were “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Undertaker, and JBL, who was not shown on camera.

— You can see read the preview for WWE 24/7 content during the month of March at this link. It is a WrestleMania-themed month.

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