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Beyond the End of Days
December 18, 2007 has learned that a rare Champion vs. Champion Match will take place live this week on ECW on Sci Fi: ECW Champion CM Punk battles United States Champion MVP. What will transpire in this inter-promotional contest, just days after the Straightedge Champion’s punishing war against two bellicose behemoths at Armageddon? Will the crafty U.S. Champ make this week worse for Punk?

Speaking of Armageddon, Big Daddy V & Mark Henry proved that size does matter on Sunday night. Despite the efforts of ECW Champion CM Punk & Kane, the gargantuan duo simply cannot be stopped. With the beasts’ large shadows hovering over the man perched atop the ECW mountain – CM Punk – is the Land of the Extreme on the brink of chaos? After getting pinned at Armageddon, is the Straightedge Superstar’s gold in jeopardy now that his rivals have found a way to defeat him?

In a Miz-rigged Handicap Match on ECW on Sci Fi, Layla and Victoria made quick work of Kelly Kelly. But, Kelly got a little help from Michelle McCool at the end of the bout to save her from more punishment. Has Kelly found a new friend in the All-American Girl? Will we continue to see her in Kelly’s corner, along with Balls Mahoney, who she doesn’t seem to be severing ties with? The Miz surely has some dastardly hijinks up his sleeve for the blond exhibitionist.

Chalk up another win for WWE Tag Team Champions Miz & John Morrison, who took care of business against Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang on Tuesday. How long can their fiery streak last? What new challenges lie ahead for the Shaman of Sexy and the “chick magnet”?

Find out on the next ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT on Tuesday night.

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