Carlito Merchandise Put On Clearance, Jobs Twice In His Home Country


— WWE has put nearly all of Carlito’s merchandise available on on clearance. They rarely do this to nearly all of a wrestler’s merchandise unless he is no longer affiliated with the company.

— Carlito made two special appearances on the Smackdown/ECW tour in Puerto Rico because that is his home country and obviously the market where he means the most. Carlito jobbed to Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio on two shows on the tour. Fans where shocked by the result of his match with Matt Hardy considering that San Juan is his hometown. He was also on the losing end of a six-man tag match on Friday, but did not take the pinfall.

— As noted last week, Carlito is said to be unhappy with the direction WWE has been pushing him in as of late. It it is being said that requested to be released from the company last week. WWE has not granted him a release yet but may do so this week.

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