Confirmed For Tonight's RAW, Matt Hardy Injury Update, Eugene In OVW


– The only thing confirmed for tonight’s edition of RAW is a Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal. Also, we will see the finals of the 2007 Diva Search with either Brooke or Eve winning the competition.

– Matt Hardy’s face was made up to look worse than it was on last night’s pay-per-view. While the real injury did cause some bruising under one eye, it was not near as bad as it looked during his backstage segment with MVP. However, the stitches that Hardy had to receive because of the injury were very real and were the reason he was pulled off of the pay-per-view.

– Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore has replaced Joey Matthews as the trainer of the Ohio Valley Wrestling Beginner class.

CONFIRMED – Chris Jericho In Philadelphia, The Site Of Tonight’s RAW! Debut TONIGHT?!? *SPOILER* >

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