John Cena Update, Whoopi Goldberg Remembers Moolah, OVW Talent, More


– WWE’s John Cena: My Life DVD is now available. Here is the promotional blurb for the DVD set: “Since bursting onto the WWE scene in 2002, John Cena has always known how to make an entrance. Watch John Cena: My Life, to see why he is such a master of creating a “big match” atmosphere. This documentary plus matches features are a must for any Cena fan. This set contains a nearly two hour documentary on John Cena’s life and career with contributions from Vince McMahon, Triple H, and John’s friends and family.”

– Whoopi Goldberg brought up the passing of the Fabulous Moolah on today’s edition of “The View” talk show. Goldberg said that she watched Moolah wrestle when she was younger and what a legend she truly was. (Thanks to several readers that passed that along)

– Click here for an article on the current OVW Women’s Champion Milena Roucka.

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