Batista Speaks On Steroids, Sharmell Speaks, WWE 24/7 In September

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— “There is a serious testing program in place,” said Batista in an interview in Australia this past week. “I love what I do and hate it when people say wrestlers are drugged up on steroids. I won’t accept it in the locker room and I’m in total compliance.”

— has posted an interview with WWE Diva Queen Sharmell. She talks about her marriage to Booker, recently meeting up with Madusa, if she stays in contact with any Nitro Girls, how she was feeling after being released by WWE in 2002, and more. Click here to read the interview.

— Click here to see the complete content listing for WWE 24/7 in September. The new month starts on Wednesday.

— See a recent pic of an overweight and graying Billy Kidman! (>>)

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