Police Seize Computer of Source of Wikipedia Post Regarding Nancy Benoit's Death

A recent update on ABCNews.com’s story on Benoit family tragedy includes a comment from Lt. Pope, speaking for the Fayette County, Ga. Sheriff’s Department, saying they have located the person responsible for the controversial Wikipedia posting and have seized that person’s computer equipment. Police plan to reveal the identity of the person next week, after they hope to have determined whether he posted a grim but accurate guess as to why Benoit no-showed the PPV or whether he has some connection to someone who knew long before investigators were told to check out the Benoit family residence. If that person did have knowledge of the deaths 14 hours before authorities discovered the bodies, he or she could face criminal charges. The person in question has flatly denied any involvement with the posting related to Benoit and his wife’s death.

You can read the ABCNews.com article here.

Newsvine.com published a picture of who is likely the person in question in all this from his page on Facebook. They managed to track down the person because a few weeks ago, the person in question edited the Wikipedia page on Naugatuck, Connecticut page by replacing the name of the town’s mayor to Marc Dagz, adding the name Visar Tasimi as the deputy mayor and also adding the name Burton Barnes to the page. When these names are cross-referenced on the social-networking website Facebook, it is revealed that both Dagz and Barnes are friends and current students at the University of Connecticut, whose hometown is Naugatuck, Connecticut. A check to Tasimi’s Facebook and MySpace pages shows he is also a friend of the other two from Naugatuck and attending UConn. It is not certain as to who the person making the edits is, but it seems almost certain the edits were made by either Marc D’Agnone (Dagz), Visar Tasimi, Burton Barnes, or perhaps even a close friend. D’Agnone seems to be the most likely suspect considering that the person in question named him the mayor of the town of Naugatuck, CT.

You can read the Newsvine.com article here.

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